About Us

With the 55 student’s clubs/associations affiliated to the Dean of Students Office, Near East University along with the academic education that is given to the students to become well-equipped, competent and successful individuals, also provide chance to students to develop their selves in social, cultural and sporting areas and also to realize their personal potentials and grow and shape their creative and unique ideas.

Below is a brief biography of all the international organizations running presently at Near East University. Common amongst them is majority membership from International Students at Near East University whose purpose is to promote oneness and culture awareness through the exposure by each grouping; of diverse ideologies, beliefs, religion, ethnicity or insight from different nations across the globe.

The Near East University Dean of Students Office was created with the aim to be an inseparable part during the education of the students and in providing them services, programs and facilities that ensures they  have an active and quality university life. It works in helping them to discover their own potential, and contributes to their social and cultural development while  preparing them for life, and helping to create individuals who will build the future as confident, social, tolerant, with high civil and moral responsibility and local and global awareness.The Dean of Students Office also fulfills the requests made by the students` clubs and associations for the activities they want to be organized and cooperates with the other departments of the university to realize the requested activities. Also it helps students to be directed to the clubs and associations, and gives opportunity to clubs and students to be represented individually and institutionally in the country and abroad and at the same time provides them consulting services.

The club activities which are established and carried out by students initiatives continues with an academic and administrative staff consultancy. With the activities performed within the clubs they are learning to develop their problem solving, communication, teamwork and organization skills by experimenting and having fun,also it’s expanding their portfolios and communication networks which will increase their chance in future to become more successful in business.

Our Vision
The Dean of Students of the Near East University aims to be a leader in the field of student affairs in the region and beyond. As Dean of NEU Student; We offer effective and permanent solutions with our sample student-centered service programs / centers so that our students can explore their academic and personal potential. We aim to be the guides in the University journeys until the graduation of our students starting with the registration process.

Our Mission
The Dean of Students is an inseparable part of the Near East University during their education. We provide services, programs and facilities to prepare our students for life and to contribute to their knowledge along with the document. The Office of the Dean of Students is intended to assist the development of the student in an environment that promotes intellectual, social, physical, psychological, cultural, tolerance, civil and moral responsibility, local and global awareness, psychological and emotional well-being.